Tech Session: Suspension

by Pilip Childs,
Events Coordinator

On Saturday April 15th, the Z Club gathered at Dennis's house for a Tech Session on suspension. When I arrived I noticed that Dennis had the rear of his silver 280Z jacked up with the wheel off (His powder coated suspension looks great), I also noticed a strut assembly setting in the middle of the garage. When the spring compressor finally arrived we were ready to tear the thing apart. While Dennis, Ben and Al were disassembling the strut everyone got a chance to tell their stories about how not to work on suspension (Everyone needs to have healthy respect for the energy stored in their springs). Next, Dennis show us how to remove the rear struts from an early Z, we also talked about how easy it is to remove the rear struts from a 280ZX. Next, Darren showed us the latest upgrade to his 86 300ZX, rotors and calipers from an 88 turbo, then Darren show us how to remove front struts from an early 300ZX. All in all a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Thanks Dennis for having us over.

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