Air Intake Turbulance

by Ben Pila Jr.
Member at Large

For those that have 1990-96 300ZXs, there is something to remember not to do if you install a Jim Wolf Pop-Charger or any other similar air filter system that replaces the factory air filter assembly. Do not remove the plastic shielding that resides below the filter area. This shield keeps water and air flowing the correct way through the front of the radiator.

Some have thought that if they remove this shield, more air could flow directly into the filter and perhaps enhance the effectiveness of the filter. What can actually happen is that the air that "buffets" into the new filter might flow in at varied uncontrolled rates. If this happens during very light to part throttle conditions, some of that air might come across the mass air sensor (air flow meter,) and cause a light surging condition. So if you find this shield missing or modified, try to return it back to its original configuration.