Here are some Tech Tips from the website:

I was bored tonight due to the blizzard in the NE and was cleaning up my taillights and remembered a trick I used to use when I built model cars. Clean all the dirt and grime from the lenses and wet them down. Then take some toothpaste and put a 3-4 dabs on the lens. Start rubbing in a circular motion while pressing with your fingers. After a few minutes of this, rinse off all the old toothpaste and dry it off with a nice soft cloth. You'll be surprised at how they look! It polishes off minor scratches and light overspray, is cheap, and won't even hurt the critters living in your local sewer system! It also prevents cavities in the lights ;^)

- Superthib!


Hey make sure you don't use the "with baking soda" kind, I did that on an old playstation CD by accident, with disasterous results!

- Tyson280Z


3M makes a plastic polish for that kind of thing can also get sand paper, like 2000 grit and take scuff marks off or gouges and then polish with the 3m polishing great.

- Spork


What also works if you don't want to make a trip to the bathroom sink or to your local Walgreen's while detailing your vintage Z is simple... WAX!!! I regularly wax my taillights as I wax my '79 280zx's paint and they still look like brand new. Regular wax will remove any swirl marks or oxidation from the tail lenses as it would off of paint. Also, another trick for all of you ZX owners with the black rubber bumper covers... If your sun-baked covers look hazy and not so black anymore, try polishing them with a good paint polish(any kind that will not flake or leave a crusty residue). This will remove most of the oxidized and dead layer of rubber and after you remove any remaining polish, treat your bumper covers with generous amounts of Armor All. Regular applications will keep your rubber ZX bumper covers looking like brand new and will keep if from further damage from the sun, acid rain, bird doo, etc. etc...

- Taro M


I have all the bolts out driveline disconnected halfshafts out ,the big ass bolt that is attached to hatch area gets in the way when I try to slide pumpkin out. Cant get enough angle to clear it and not drag flange on front where driveline connects from rubbing on tunnel. Please help.

- Mark


You have to drop the tank down and remove the two bolts holding the big one in. In the back remove the carpet and the foam and you will see the top of the big ass bolt and when you remove the foam (black) cover you will find it is a big ass bracket with the big ass bolt through the center of it. The two bolts holding the big ass bracket is up under the car right in front of the big ass gas tank. When you remove the bolts, pull the big ass bracket with the big ass bolt out in the rear of the car and the heavy ass R200 will come out.

- Jeff